Egg Donor Program for Donors

Thank you for your interest in the UCSF Egg Donor Program. The UCSF Egg Donor Program is part of the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health, a compassionate and innovative program staffed by a diverse interdisciplinary team that has expertise from some of the top programs in the country. All of our physicians, who have extensive experience, are board-certified in both obstetrics and gynecology, and reproductive endocrinology and infertility. We have been helping patients become parents using donated eggs since 1991 and were one of the first programs in the Bay Area to do so.  Donating your eggs to a couple who is yearning to become parents is a very generous act.

Our expertise is complemented by the commitment and care of a large team of professionals, including genetic counselors, psychologists, quality nurses and a detail-oriented office staff. At UCSF, we are also fortunate to have experienced, compassionate nurses who are committed to the philosophy of our practice: respecting and supporting patients’ medical and emotional needs. Our Egg Donor Team understands the needs of women who choose to donate their eggs and provide you with the compassion, counsel and support you may need as you embark on this generous journey.

Recipient Profile

Couples generally choose to use eggs from a donor because they are unable to conceive a child with the female partner’s own eggs. There are many reasons that a woman may not be able to conceive with her own eggs, including older age, early menopause, previous cancer treatments which damaged the ovaries, or production of poor quality eggs. Frequently, the individuals proceeding with an egg donation cycle have already been through extensive fertility treatments without success. Egg recipients can be couples or single women or men. At UCSF all recipients for our egg donor program are UCSF patients.

Your Involvement in the Process

Egg donors offer an amazing gift to couples or single women struggling to become parents. The knowledge that she has had the ability to make a profound difference for a family is frequently one of the most compelling reasons young women participate so generously in this process.

Being a donor means committing to a thorough health and psychological screening, and if chosen to be a donor, undergoing the preliminary phases of in vitro fertilization.  The medical procedures involved in being an egg donor include administering injectable medications to stimulate your ovaries, undergoing ultrasound monitoring over the course of 10-14 days and having a simple outpatient procedure to remove the stimulated eggs from your ovaries.

To become a donor in our program, you must complete the following steps:

  • Call or email us to learn more and request an initial questionnaire, or you may download it here.
  • Complete and submit the donor application, along with photographs of yourself for your profile
  • Complete all screening procedures requested
  • Wait for a recipient to choose you as their donor

Frequently Asked Questions