Martha Noel, MD

Asst Prof of Clin-HCOMP
Ob/Gyn, Reproductive Sciences
“Infertility treatment can be a long and difficult journey, both physically and emotionally. I strive to provide my patients with the highest level of medical care and to support them with the compassion and empathy that is needed during this process. It is a great privilege to help couples and individuals build their families and plan for the future.”

Vigorous exercise is associated with superior metabolic profiles in polycystic ovary syndrome independent of total exercise expenditure.

Fertility and sterility

Greenwood EA, Noel MW, Kao CN, Shinkai K, Pasch LA, Cedars MI, Huddleston HG

Monocytes form a vascular barrier and participate in vessel repair after brain injury.


Glod J, Kobiler D, Noel M, Koneru R, Lehrer S, Medina D, Maric D, Fine HA

Expression of Notch-1 and its ligands, Delta-like-1 and Jagged-1, is critical for glioma cell survival and proliferation.

Cancer research

Purow BW, Haque RM, Noel MW, Su Q, Burdick MJ, Lee J, Sundaresan T, Pastorino S, Park JK, Mikolaenko I, Maric D, Eberhart CG, Fine HA