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Laboratory Team

The UCSF CRH laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that's home to the most innovative reproductive technology – and the most diligent team of expert embryologists.

Their delicate precision in the handling of gametes and embryos, and their steadfast commitment to safety and quality control, are directly linked to our patients' success rates. In parallel with optimizing IVF outcomes, the team is advancing the field through groundbreaking clinical research that leads to new treatments and diagnostic testing.

An embryologist at work in the UCSF CRH laboratory.

“What makes CRH such a unique place to be an embryologist is the team. From the lab, to the clinic, to the department level, and beyond – you really get the sense that the best and brightest are drawn here by their passion for knowledge and commitment to serving our patients.” 

— Philip Marsh, Senior Embryologist

Key Team Members

Mitchell Rosen, MD

Mitchell Rosen, MD

Dr Rosen is the Embryology Lab Director and an expert in reproductive endocrinology and fertility. He is director of the UCSF Fertility Preservation Program, which helps patients with cancer secure the ability to conceive in the future, despite the effects of aggressive cancer treatment.

Philip Marsh

Philip is a senior embryologist and IVF laboratory supervisor. He holds a Master’s degree in clinical embryology and is certified as a technical supervisor (TS) in Embryology and Andrology by the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB). His background is in clinical genetics and he held a clinical laboratory scientist (CLS) license in cytogenetics prior to joining the UCSF CRH in 2008.  He is actively involved in research and is particularly interested in genomics, fertility preservation, and the increasing role of automation in the laboratory.