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Transgender Care

The UCSF Center for Reproductive Health (CRH) offers a range of fertility services for transgender people.  

Services offered at CRH include: sperm, oocyte (egg), embryo, or ovarian tissue cryopreservation (freezing), assisted reproductive technologies for family-building including Intrauterine Inseminations (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and minimally invasive gynecologic surgery when needed to support fertility.

Transgender Men and Transmasculine Non-binary People

Dr. Evelyn Mok-Lin, MD 

Dr. Evelyn Mok-Lin, MD oversees services for people with ovaries, such as egg, embryo, or ovarian tissue storage, or surgical procedures to support fertility needs. Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email link to complete a set of forms regarding your history and goals. This helps your physician adequately prepare for your visit. At the visit, your physician will review your history and perform an ultrasound. This can be done through the vagina/front hole, rectum or abdomen. The ultrasound provides information on the uterus and ovaries, if applicable. Your physician will then discuss these findings, the potential risks of transitioning treatment on future fertility, and options for fertility preservation and family-building. You may opt to have your blood drawn and meet with other members of the team, including the nurse and the financial navigator, at that visit. The team will then be in touch to schedule any testing or follow-up appointments.

Transgender Women and Transfeminine Non-binary People

Dr. James F. Smith, MD, MAS 

Dr. James F. Smith, MD, MAS oversees services for people with testicles, including sperm storage and specialized techniques to produce and retrieve sperm in those with a history of hormone use.  Sperm banking is possible for many transfeminine patients. For patients who have not yet started hormone therapy, sperm concentrations are usually in the typical cis-male range. Patients who are taking spironolactone and estradiol typically have significantly lower than normal sperm concentrations but enough for banking and future In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Patients on hormone medications such as leuprolide usually have zero sperm counts. It may be possible to surgically retrieve sperm in patients with a zero sperm count.For people seeking a direct referral for sperm storage only (typically people with no history of hormone use), your provider can order the tests listed below, and place a referral only for sperm storage.

For those with questions about the process or with a history of hormone use, your provider should place a referral to be seen by Dr. James F. Smith.  Contact us for further information.