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Single Parenting

For many people, the desire to become a parent arises independently of the desire or need to find a partner.

The decision to pursue single parenthood (for females, this is often referred to as Single Mothers By Choice, or SBMC) is one that we at CRH wholeheartedly support. There are many options for single parenting, and we can guide you through each step of the process.

Initial Consultation

Our single parenthood resources span consultation through treatment.

At your first consultation with one of our doctors, we will do an assessment of your fertility and will counsel you on your options based on your age, underlying egg count, and family building goals. Your fertility assessment will include blood testing and an ultrasound to look at your uterus and ovaries.

If you are considering conception with donor sperm, we will provide you with appropriate resources including: 

  • Making the decision between a known and anonymous sperm donor
  • Identifying FDA-approved sperm banks
  • Financial and legal considerations
  • Psychological support, if desired
  • Financial information 

Treatment Choices

Various treatment options are available depending on your age and fertility factors. We are experienced in all of these methods and can help you choose what is best for you

Additional resources: