For Physicians

As a physician, you know your patient best and when it is appropriate for you to recommend infertility services as an option for care. When that time comes, the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health (CRH) is here to support you and your patients.

We recognize that you value your relationship with your patients, and therefore we support and reinforce the relationship your patient has with you.

In addition to providing a standard of care that reflects well on you, we ensure that once a patient has successfully conceived, they return to you to continue the journey toward a successful pregnancy.

Partnering with Your Patients

Developing a partnership is a foundation of the UCSF CRH program because we believe that couples and individuals need to fully understand their reproductive potential and how it affects choices. Our board-certified, interdisciplinary team works closely with your patients to educate them about their condition and care every step of the way. We share our decision-making process with your patients so that together we can make the best choices to achieve a successful pregnancy. Because each patient is unique, treatments are tailored to meet their individual needs and specific clinical situation, not a standard formula.  

Collaboration by a Specialized Interdisciplinary Team

Our unique inter-disciplinary team includes physicians, embryologists, male reproductive health specialists, psychologists, genetic counselors, specialized nurse coordinators and a staff trained in meeting the special needs of fertility patients. Their collaboration results in advances in care that can only be found at a leading university-based medical center. All of our physicians have completed specialized training in reproductive endocrinology and fertility and are board-certified in both obstetrics/gynecology and reproductive endocrinology. Many of our physicians are internationally recognized leaders in infertility research and are pioneers in the field. All have extensive experience and success in the clinical aspects of treating infertility and assisting patients in making informed decisions. Our team collaborates weekly on difficult cases, working together from across several medical disciplines to create the most personalized and effective treatment for each patient. Your patients benefit directly from the expertise of many minds with a variety of backgrounds, experience and knowledge, all focused on devising the best treatment plan for each patient.

Complementing our staff’s scientific and technical expertise is their compassion and understanding for each patient. We understand how stressful the journey can be and make every effort to make it a smooth one by anticipating your patients’ needs, listening, offering counsel and providing insight.  

See a complete listing of services available for your patients.

Referring a Patient

The benefits of referring patients to the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health include: 

  • The comfort in knowing that you referred your patient to the best fertility center in the region 
  • Ease of referral for your patients
  • Timely communication regarding your patient’s progress
  • Convenient locations that are easy to access for your patients

If you would like to confer with us regarding a patient, we would be happy to speak with you. 
To refer a patient or confer with us, please phone (415) 353-7475 or send a fax to (415) 353-7744.

Download our referral form here and fax to (415) 353-7744. We will phone you upon receipt of the form.