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Genetic Screening & Counseling

There are several types of genetic testing done in fertility care, including carrier screening, PGT-M, and PGT-A.

Carrier screening is a type of genetic test that can determine if a person or couple carry genetic variation that could lead to increased risk for a genetic condition in a child.

Most genetic conditions included in screening are inherited in an “autosomal recessive” manner. This means that there is a 1 in 4, or 25%, chance for a child to have a genetic condition when both parents are carriers of it. Carrier screening also includes selected X-linked conditions. These conditions are most often passed from a carrier mother to a son who has the condition, but both sexes may show signs and symptoms of the condition. Carrier screening involves a blood draw or collection of a saliva sample.

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals with unique specialized graduate degrees and experience in the areas of both medical genetics and counseling.

Genetic counselors work as members of a healthcare team, providing risk assessment, education and support to individuals and families as they navigate genetic testing options or their risk for inherited conditions. Genetic counselors also interpret genetic test results, provide supportive counseling, and serve as patient advocates.

Genetic Carrier Screening FAQ

Genetic Counselor FAQs