Our Success Rates

We are proud of our success rates at the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health. They are the culmination of an integrated process of caring for our patients and supporting them with compassion, expertise and innovation.

Often when choosing a fertility provider, individuals will try to compare programs based on success rates. Many clinics and IVF programs publish "success rates" even though the CDC and the Society for Assisted Reproduction (SART) recognize that direct comparisons between clinics may not be possible without considering the patient population and the practice style. Rates may vary, for example, due to cancellation policies, the number of embryos transferred, etc. Therefore, it is not possible to compare programs in a head-to-head manner. The screening process used by other programs to determine which individuals will be provided treatment varies greatly. However, UCSF prides itself on being very inclusive. As an academic institution, we are leaders in providing innovative care that allows us to treat complex cases.

We do recognize, however, that individuals and couples would like the assurance that they are choosing a “successful” program and so we are providing the following information to you as a starting point to evaluate our program. Please keep in mind that your particular success rate may differ due to a variety of individual factors which may increase or decrease your chances for success. Questions regarding success rates are best discussed with your individual reproductive endocrinologist.