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Reproductive Health Management Studies

OVA.CV Study | Longitudinal Evaluation of Ovarian Aging and Cardiovascular Risk

Status: Active, Not Enrolling New Participants
The Ovarian Aging (OVA) cohort is the largest and most ethnically diverse, community-based cohort available that can be used to determine the race/ethnic and behavioral determinants of ovarian aging and its association with CVD risk in a young cycling population. The purpose of the study is to use a longitudinal approach to evaluate markers of ovarian and cellular aging as predictors of CVD, and potentially develop new risk-reduction strategies.

We are currently not accepting any new participants.

Maritza Cárdenas
Clinical Research Coordinator
[email protected]
English | Spanish

Yiu Ho Au
Clinical Research Coordinator
[email protected]
English | Mandarin | Cantonese

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ACTorNOT Study | Optimal Treatment for Women With a Persisting Pregnancy of Unknown Location

Status: Active, Enrolling
This is a randomized controlled trial to compare three currently available management strategies for women with a persisting pregnancy of unknown location (PPUL), which makes them at-risk for ectopic pregnancy. Hemodynamically stable women with a confirmed PPUL will be randomized to one of three strategies: 1) Uterine evacuation followed by methotrexate (MTX) for some (those that have evidence of a non-visualized ectopic pregnancy) 2) Empiric treatment with MTX for all 3) Expectant management.

You may be eligible if you are: female (or assigned female at birth), aged 18 years and older, and diagnosed with a persisting pregnancy of unknown location (PPUL)

Nik Lenhart
Clinical Research Coordinator
[email protected]

Marcelle Cedars MD
Principal Investigator

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