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Breaking Barriers to Fertility Treatment: New Financing Options with Future Family

Posted in Latest News on December 22nd, 2023

At UCSF's Center for Reproductive Health, we understand the intricacies and challenges individuals face when embarking on their fertility journey. That's why we're excited to introduce our partnership with Future Family, a groundbreaking fertility treatment financing company aimed at enhancing accessibility and support for patients seeking comprehensive care.

Financial Accessibility for Comprehensive Fertility Treatment

Navigating fertility treatments such as egg freezing or undergoing IVF can be daunting, especially considering the associated costs. Future Family's commitment to breaking financial barriers aligns with our mission. Their plans, starting at just $250/month, offer 0% APR loans and flexible terms, making fertility treatment more accessible for everyone. They make it easy to prequalify for a fertility plan online.

Holistic Support Beyond Medical Care

Fertility treatment involves more than medical procedures—it encompasses emotional and psychological aspects too. This is where Future Family truly shines. Their Fertility Coaches provide personalized support, significantly reducing stress rates by 80%. Whether it's infertility treatment, donor sperm options, or assistance for those interested in preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), their coaches offer invaluable guidance throughout the entire journey.

Streamlined Process for Clinics

Our collaboration ensures a seamless process for patients. With instant pre-approvals for up to $50,000, funds within a few days, and exclusive medication discounts, Future Family supports clinics in delivering efficient and compassionate care to patients.

Continuing Support and Multiple Treatment Cycles

The partnership doesn't conclude with the first treatment cycle. Future Family's mission aligns with ours—to support individuals until they achieve their dream of starting a family. Over 90% of clients needing a second treatment cycle continue with Future Family, emphasizing the ongoing support and value they provide.

I couldn’t be more excited to give back to the same clinic where I had my own fertility care for my three IVF babies. We look forward to supporting UCSF patients build the family of their dreams.”

Claire Tomkins, Ph.D., CEO

At UCSF's Center for Reproductive Health, we aim to provide not just exceptional medical care but also an environment of understanding and support. With Future Family's partnership, we are dedicated to ensuring that financial constraints and emotional challenges do not hinder our patients' paths toward parenthood.

We invite our patients to explore this groundbreaking partnership, empowering them with the resources and support needed to confidently navigate their fertility journey.

To learn more about how Future Family can assist you on your path to parenthood, get started here.

Together, let's break barriers and fulfill the dreams of building families.

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